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Leather and Metal Designs! Tween/Teen Art Night May 20th 2024

Leather and Metal Designs! Tween/Teen Art Night May 20th 2024


Students can design and make a collar for a pet, a bracelet for themselves, a leather name tag for their backpack or sports bag, or try their skills at another project that involves leather and metal!


Leather and metal will be mixed and the students can experiement with riveting, cold connections, hole punching, metal stamping and learning how to combine these materials!    They can design their own items from leather pieces, old belts, metal blanks, and more!!  Some of the projects include leather bracelets with riveted metal-stamped tags, pet collars made from old leather belts (and then painted, riveted, and embellished for their devoted pal), leather tags for backpacks with metal stamped names, and we have a template for a no-sew leather wallet.  If you have a tween or teen who likes to work with their hands, hammer, create, and take home something they made with their own ideas and skills, then this is a great class for them!  They will have lots of freedom to create!


Free Range Art's "tween/teen" art classes are designed especially for kids ages 10+ and are perfect for grades 5-9. Our classes emphasize the process of making art, allowing students to enjoy the experience without worrying about keeping up with others. Our multi-media projects inspire creativity and keep your young person engaged and excited about art. Class is from 5:30-7:45 and food is allowed if the kids want to bring dinner or snacks.  

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