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Painting on vintage vinyl record albums! Tween/Teen Art Night April 22, 2024

Painting on vintage vinyl record albums! Tween/Teen Art Night April 22, 2024


Create colorful art with uncommon painting supplies in this art class for tweens/teens!  In this hands-on workshop, the students will learn how to paint on old records and/or album covers!   For the record, this is a brand new class offering for tweens/teens, where we switch out our canvases for vintage records, and turn them into funky artworks to hang on your wall.  Painting on vinyl is a bit like painting your fingernails; rather than painting one thick coat, you need several layers to reach the desired lustre and opacity. This process makes for a chilled, low key but high vibe session...As usual, we’ll have our popular "student choice" music playing in the background to keep the kids inspired! For this event we will even bring out a turntable to spin records!  Students will paint along with any color palette and put their own "spin" on it! At the end, we reach our vinyl destination and waltz out the door with a finished, hand-painted record to hang somewhere cool, lol!  


Free Range Art's "tween/teen" art classes are designed especially for kids ages 10+ and are perfect for grades 5-9. Our classes emphasize the process of making art, allowing students to enjoy the experience without worrying about keeping up with others. Our multi-media projects inspire creativity and keep your young person engaged and excited about art. Class is from 5:30-7:45 and food is allowed if the kids want to bring dinner or snacks.  

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