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COLORFUL SELFIES Tween/Teen ART Night December 11, 2023

COLORFUL SELFIES Tween/Teen ART Night December 11, 2023


Looking for a fun and creative activity for your tween or teen?  Do they like to explore new materials?  This month we will be using colored lights, iPhones (for photography), and clay.  We meet for this Tween/Teen ART Night on December 11th, 2023! These art classes are specially designed for kids ages 10+ and are perfect for grades 5-9. Our classes emphasize the "process" of making art, allowing students to enjoy the experience without worrying about keeping up with others. Our multi-media projects are sure to inspire creativity and keep your child engaged and excited about art. Don't miss out on this fun and educational opportunity! 

On 12/11 we will be creating self portraits made with COLOR MIXING (using colored flashlights and lights) and also handcrafting polymer CLAY writing PENS!  So many different options for making beautiful art with this topic of COLOR and LIGHT... and we will approach our projects with an eye towards the elements of art using line, shape, texture, and value!  And as always, the kids are free to experiment with their projects in different ways so that no two projects come out exactly the same!  Send a meal or snack and they can eat while they work... 5:30-7:45

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