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COFFEE PAINTING Tween/Teen ART Night February 12, 2024

COFFEE PAINTING Tween/Teen ART Night February 12, 2024


Coffee painting, hot chocolate bar (since I don't want them drinking coffee at night), and carving of oreo cookies!!  Looking for a fun and creative activity for your tween or teen? Our "Painting with Coffee" class in February is sure to impress! Free Range Art's "tween/teen" art classes are specially designed for kids ages 10+ and are perfect for grades 5-9. Our classes emphasize the process of making art, allowing students to enjoy the experience without worrying about keeping up with others. Our multi-media projects are sure to inspire creativity and keep your child engaged and excited about art. The beauty of this particular class is that painting with coffee eliminates so many decisions that normally come with painting.  When painting with coffee, the focus is on the values and shapes and it tends to be a very relaxing art form. 


Created out of necessity hundreds of years ago, coffee painting offers a simple, yet beautiful art form that stands the test of time.  Sepia-toned artwork is timeless and unique!  One of the greatest coffee painters is Cuban-American artist Reynier Llanes.  Take a look when you get a chance.


In addition to coffee painting, there are so many ways we can explore "value".    So, we will be carving designs into oreo cookies like they've never seen!  In addition, we will celebrate the winter cold with a hot chocolate bar.


*The coffee painting will be of an item/place/object of their choosing!  Please print and send a picture to use as a reference if possible.  It's all about options in this class and we want the kids to dive into a subject matter that interests THEM. 

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