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Alcohol Ink Workshop: 11/18/23, 1-4:00

A fun exploration into ALCOHOL INKS for kids on a Saturday!


If your child (8+) loves creating art that is beautiful, fluid and sometimes surprising, then alcohol inks are for them! This workshop meets on Saturday 11/18/23, 1-4:00. It is geared for ages 8+. Alcohol inks make artists of both art-loving students and the reluctant artists, alike. The inks come alive in their own way, and when we embrace the uncertainty and work with the inks, a magical art form appears! Alcohol inks are highly-pigmented inks that are alcohol-based, waterproof and permanent. They are used for card making, painting and other home decor projects. They are unique because they are very fluid and dry very quickly. Once the alcohol that is in the ink evaporates, the ink that is left behind dries and leaves us with a very highly-pigmented, bold design. Alcohol inks can be manipulated in many ways and can allow each young artist to express themselves in their own distinct way. The pressure is released from having to create "perfect art" when working with this medium, and this allows each student to enjoy the PROCESS. Process art is so important because it embraces the spirit of learning something new and exciting. *Please wear clothing that is able to handle some stains just in case, as the ink is nonremovable.

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