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Kids' Art Workshops

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The Workshop Story

This is the place!  This is where you will find unique art workshops for kids! 


THIS is where you will find art experiences that touch the soul ...  Where kids can take art a step further and dive into a whole experience connected to it.  From hiking through a creek with sticks that have their names emblazoned in metal to holding and painting a chicken, to making jewelry from crushed eggshells, to panning for gold and making jewelry from their "finds", to meeting a pony who is the star of a children's book, to creating pens out of polymer clay with which to write their story... the stories of these experiences are told visually.  Through the smiles of the young people who experience them!  Please check back often and subscribe to our website.  We offer small, specialized experiences that are added monthly to our calendar and we hope those who participate feel inspired to keep creating!


Register for Workshops Here:

Oh!  Did You Know?  We Also Customize Birthday Parties!

Free Range Art has tons of party concepts.  Please reach out with any questions you might have and your preferred date for a party and we can let you know if we have availability.  Parties are usually booked for 2 hours and include 1.5 hours of activities and a half hour in the new event room on the 1st floor of the Carriage House Collective! 


Party package ideas! Paint a canvas & make watercolor pendant necklaces; Hunt for treasure, pan for gold, & paint a pirate ship; build a stuffed animal, craft a collar, and paint a canvas;  Hammer a metal stamped tag & dye a leather bracelet...

Thanks for submitting!

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