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Class is fully booked. please email us to be placed on a waiting list!

Summer Week 5: Album Cover Art!

August 7, 9, 10… 9:30-12:00 (Ages 10+) $120


In this workshop, students will become a working artist in the music industry! They will consider how the work of visual artists can complement the work of musicians. Students will first consider the role album covers play in giving meaning to a musician’s work, and then curate a list of their own top 5 favorite songs and design their OWN album cover. Materials used will be an array of mixed media but special attention will be given to monoprints using gel printing plates. Taking inspiration from their favorite songs, the students will reflect on how they want to represent their life story, a specific accomplishment, or passion via an album cover! We will also have some small wooden furniture type items like shelves, stools, boxes, coat racks etc. that can be upcycled and painted to reflect the same style and serve as a permanent art piece to take home as well. Rock on!!

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