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Treasure Hunter Art Workshop!

Where else can your kids experience a dose of history, a lot of mystery, and a ton of ART?!  Free Range Art, of course!  This small-group art experience/workshop begins with the story about the historic mill on our property in the year 1776.  We will talk about the legend that says that the mill owners hid the "millstone" so the enemy wouldn't be able to make flour using the mill during the Revolutionary War.  The next step will be the discovery of an antique map that we found in the attic.  The map will be in pieces that need to be reassembled and of course, we MUST follow the clues!  The clues will lead to a "TREASURE" filled with dusty old sacks that hold nothing but dirt...or so we think!  That is until we discover that amidst the dust is something sparkly GOLD! We will pan for gold and gems in the indoor creek that powers the historic water wheel.  After we pan for gems we'll return to the art studio and make some magical art connected to our experience! 


If your child loves secret maps, wooden hiking sticks, making paintings of old ships at sunset, gold nuggets, compasses, and old coin creations then this might be the place they'd want to be! Ages 5-9: provided they are independent and okay with being dropped off.  (There isn't a lot of room in the Mill where the creek is located and we will be tackling a lot of projects.)

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